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Do you want to get the best out of Twitter?

Are you confused by the multitude of Twitter applications and services out there? Are you missing out by not knowing what they do, what they’re for, and how best to use them?

If you’re looking for a hand-picked list of the best Twitter Productivity Tools being used by the top social networking professionals, then you’re in exactly the right place.

Worry no more, this is for you!


This video training course introduces you to a hand-picked selection of the best Twitter desktop, online and mobile applications that ensure that your social networking activities are as productive as possible. We take you through the basics of what these productivity tools do, what they are used for, and how you can use them to quickly raise your social networking profile for yourself or your business. We also discuss a variety of useful hints, tips, and strategies which you could employ to ensure you get the most out of Twitter and bring more customers to your door.

What you get

The download includes a Web Showcast which can be run in your web browser, and also includes QuickTime versions which are PC and MAC compatible. This module also contains full training notes with additional supporting information, as well as links to all of the applications discussed.

See the full list of files below

It’s crazy – We’re giving it away! We’ve also included FREE MP3 and M4V versions for you to watch on your portable devices such as iPad, iPod, iPhone, iTouch and MP3 compatible players – Learning that suits your lifestyle!

Module track list

  • Course Introduction
  • Course overview
  • Browser, desktop and mobile
  • Twhirl overview
  • TweetDeck overview
  • TweetDeck groups
  • Tweeting on mobiles
  • Shozu overview
  • SocialToo overview
  • TweetLater overview
  • HootSuite overview
  • Dealing with long URLs
  • Beware the hacker…
  • Close

Video training with a difference

Prepare for a unique learning experience and be thoroughly entertained as you watch Ian McKendrick (graphic artist, PowerPoint guru, and renowned keynote speaker on Information Technologies) take Mark Peters (Self confessed Computer Ignoramus and Breakfast Show host for Star Radio Cambridge) on a journey of technology enlightenment.

World-Class presentations

As impossible as it may seem, Ian succeeds in teaching Mark to understand and confidently use some of the latest and most complex information technologies available today. These training sessions give you the perfect chance to become the “fly on the wall”, to watch some world-class technology presentations and listen in to the conversations between Mark and Ian, where Mark manages to ask all of those questions you were too self conscious to ask yourself

Suitable for everyone

Whether you want something to give to your Granny to get her online and using Twitter, or you’re a fully competent IT “SuperGeek” that doesn’t get out enough, or you think you know a little and would like to learn a whole lot more, then these courses are right up your street!

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